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Life-limiting illness can erode a person’s comfort, dignity and control. A hospice and palliative medicine physician, working together with a team of experienced healthcare professionals, can help you and those you care about regain these qualities and rekindle your hope.

Our Hospice Team are highly qualified, specialty-trained team of hospice professionals and volunteers who are competent  to provide a sensitive support system that assists patients and their families to cope with physical, spiritual and emotional factors related to the patient’s terminal condition.

Working together with the team, the hospice and palliative medicine physician provide:

Expert relief of pain (Palliative Care)

Treatment for a broad spectrum of other symptoms (fatigue, breathlessness, nausea, anxiety, etc.)

Help in setting goals for care

Guidance in making complex treatment choices

Coordination with other healthcare providers, including the primary care physician and specialists such as oncologists, surgeons, and cardiologists


It is our mission.

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COMPASSION - The capacity to enter into another’s joy and sorrow

 EXCELLENCE – Becoming our personal and professional best

INTEGRITY – Doing what is right: ethically, legally and morally

RESPECT – Profound veneration for all God’s Creation

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